Global Autoair Control(GAC) was founded in 1989 and for more than 20 years we at GAC we have been designing and manufacturing top of the line condensers for vehicles of every application, from passenger vehicles, to heavy equipment and everything in between. GAC started out as a limited applications manufacturer, but we have now grown to be a large scale manufacturer and distributer of the highest quality condensers.

Global Autoair Control has continued to make advancements in the automotive industry through constant growth and development. By using cutting edge facilities, GAC has been able to manufacture and distribute products of the highest quality and we now manufacture over 900 condenser models for more than 50 vehicle makes.

GAC is committed to advancing the automotive industry through new product development and by holding all products to the highest quality standards. Designing, developing, and distributing next-generation automotive products that will meet and exceed expectations is our goal and one we strive towards rigorously.

KOR.E International was founded in 2002 and has been specializing in the export of OEM and quality aftermarket A/C parts ever since. We started out with just one loyal customer, and through our strength and perseverance, KOR.E has continued to grow and be successful.

KOR.E focuses on supplying the A/C auto parts industry with condensers, radiators, compressors, evaporators, HVAC units, complete A/C systems, and other spare parts. At KOR.E we have been able to set ourselves apart from other trading companies with our commitment to customer service. We take pride in having a close relationship with all of our customers and being able to understand and predict their needs.

GAC and KOR.E work together under the same owner and benefit from each otherís expertise. By working together we are able to supply a full range of parts to the A/C industry. With GAC manufacturing high quality condensers, and KOR.E supplying all other A/C parts, we are able to offer our customers access to a wide range of parts at competitive prices. No matter what your need, together GAC and KOR.E will do our best to deliver you the best quality product at the best possible price.